Saint Moloc of Mortlach

stained glass window in the old choir gable of the cathedral church of Saint Moluag on the Isle of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland; photographed by Young Bachuil on 27 July 2007; swiped from WikipediaAlso known as

  • Lua
  • Luan
  • Luano
  • Luanus
  • Lugaid of Les Mór
  • Lugaidh
  • Lugide Lis Moer
  • Luoch
  • Mallock
  • Molaug
  • Molluog
  • Moloag
  • Molua
  • Moluag
  • Murlach



Born to the Irish nobility. Educated in Bangor Abbey, Ireland. Spiritual student of Saint Comgall of Bangor. Legend says that one day as Moloc stood on a rock on the Irish shore, the rock broke away, sailed across the sea, and came ashore on the island of Lismore in Loch Linnhe. However he travelled there, Moloc and Saint Comgall worked as missionaries in Scotland, Moloc ranging far and wide to the Picts. Founded monasteries on the Isle of Lismore, and at Rosemarkie and Mortlach in the territory of the Picts; Saint Malachy claims that Moloc founded 100 monasteries in Scotland.



  • 25 June 592 in Rosemarkie, Scotland of natural causes
  • buried at Rosemarkie
  • remains later moved to the Isle of Lismore and re-interred in the cathedral named for him
  • some relics enshrined in Mortlach, Banffshire, Scotland in a monastery founded in 1010 in thanks for a victory obtained through the intervention of Saint Moloc
  • his crozier is in the possession of the Livingstone chief of Clan LacLea as an hereditary trust



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