Saint Modestinus of Avellino

Martyrs of AvellinoAlso known as

  • Modestinus of Mercogliano
  • Modestin…
  • Modestino…



Born to the nobility of Asia Minor. Bishop of Antioch, Turkey in 302, working with Saint Fiorentinus and Saint Flavianus. Imprisoned in the persecutions of Diocletian, he was miraculously freed and fled to Italy. There he was imprisoned for his faith in Locri, Italy by the local governor, but was released after he healed the governor‘s daughter through prayer; the governor and his family converted to Christianity. Evangelist in the area of Avellino, Italy, thought to have been led by Michael the Archangel to the places that most needed his preaching; reported to have convered 4,000 in one area. Imprisoned and martyred in persecutions of Maximian.


  • c.245 in Antioch (modern Turkey)




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