Saint Modeste Andlauer

photograph of Saint Modeste, date and photographer unknown; swiped from CathopediaMemorial


Eighth son of Joseph Andlauer, a baker, and Françoise Barbe Bisch. Baptized on 23 May 1847 at the church of Saints Peter and Paul, in Rosheim, France. Studied at the Episcopal College of Saint-Etienne in Strasbourg, France. Joined the Jesuits in October 1872 in Saint-Acheul, France. Ordained in Arras, France on 22 September 1877. Taught German at colleges in the French cities of Amiens, Lille and Brest. Missionary to China, arriving on 22 November 1882. He learned the languages of the region, served in several locations, worked with Saint Rémi Isoré, and became Head of Mission in Weishein (Wei Xian), China. Murdered during the anti-Western, antiChristian persecutions of the Boxer Rebellion when a armed mob stormed the village and executed anyone who admitted to being Catholic. Martyr.






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