Saint Miguel de Sanctis

Saint Michael of the SaintsAlso known as

  • Michael de Sanctis
  • Michael of the Saints
  • Michael the Ecstatic



Michael decided at age six that he wanted to be a monk, and imposed such austerities on himself as a child that he had to be restrained. Orphaned, he became the apprentice of a merchant. Tried to join the Trinitarian monastery in Barcelona, Spain at age 12. Took his vows at age 15 at the monastery of Saint Lambert at Zaragoza, Spain on 5 September 1607. Later felt drawn to the more austere Discalced Trinitarians; began his novitiate at Madrid, Spain, studied in Seville, Spain and Salamanca, Spain, and took vows at Alcalá, Spain. Priest. Twice elected superior of the monastery at Valladolid, Spain. Lived a life of prayer and great mortification; especially devoted to the Holy Eucharist, and is said to have been rapt in ecstasy several times during Consecration. He was considered by his brothers to be a saint in life.






  • kneeling before an altar where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed
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