Saint Miguel de la Mora

Saint Miguel de la MoraAlso known as

  • Michele de la Mora



Ordained in 1906. Chaplain of the Cabildo of the Cathedral of Colima, Mexico in 1912. When the government’s persecution of the Church began, Father Miguel was arrested, but quickly released on bail with a warning to stop his ministry. When the churches were closed and public worship outlawed in 1926, friends tried to get him to flee the area; unwilling to leave Colima without a priest, he refused.

Father Miguel was constantly harassed by General Flores who wanted the padre to join the planned government-supported church that would be free of Vatican loyalties. To escape this bullying, de la Mora finally retreated to his brother’s ranch at El Rincón del Tigre. While en route, Miguel was asked to perform a marriage; some unfriendly locals overhead the request, told the authorities, and Miguel and his companions were arrested. Flores, furious that del Mora was escaping, had the priest taken to a stable, stood among piles of manure, and executed in front of his brother Regino; Miguel died praying the rosary for them all. Martyr.






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