Saint Michael Garicoïts

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The eldest son of Pyrenean peasants, Arnold and Gratianne Garicoïts. His family sheltered priests escaping the persecutions of the French Revolution. As a boy Michael worked as a shepherd on neighboring farms. He early felt a call to the priesthood, but his family was too poor to afford his eduction; his grandmother arranged for the boy to work in the parish rectory and then in the kitchen of the bishop of Bayonne, France in exchange for his education. Michael studied philosophy at Aire, France, theology in the major seminary at Dax, France and was ordained in the diocese of Bayonne in December 1823. Parish priest in Cambo where he fought Jansenism by promoting frequent communion and devotion to the Sacred Heart. Professor of philosophy at the diocesan seminary at Lestelle-Bétharram, France. Rector of the seminary there. Helped Saint Jeanne Elizabeth des Bichier des Anges to found the Daughters of the Cross (Sisters of Saint Andrew the Apostle). Founded the missioner Priests of the Sacred Heart of Bétharram (Bétharram Fathers) in 1838.






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