Saint Methodius of Constantinople

image of Saint Methodius from an icon depicting the 'Triumph of Orthodoxy', c.1400, British MuseumMemorial


Educated in Syracuse, Sicily. While in Constantinople to seek a position at court, he felt the call to enter the religious life. Built a monastery and started a monastic community on the island of Chinos. Soon after finishing construction, Methodius was summoned by the Patriarch of Constantinople to help govern the diocese.

The Eastern Church was debating the use of icons in worship and as tools to bring the faithful closer to God. Methodius and the Patriarch of Constantinople worked against the iconoclasts, and together suffered nearly as much abuse as the images. They worked to unify and reconcile the sides. Methodius travelled to Rome, Italy to seek the Pope‘s help; during his absence, he was exiled. After seven years, he returned as Patriarch of Constantinople in 842, and continued to work for unity.



  • 847 of natural causes


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