Saint Mellon

Saint MellonAlso known as

  • Mallone
  • Mallonous
  • Melanius
  • Mello
  • Mellonin
  • Mellouns
  • Mellonius



A pagan, Mellon travelled to Rome, Italy to bring tribute to the emperor from the British Isles. While making a sacrifice to the god Mars, he heard Pope Saint Stephen I preaching nearby. He soon after converted to Christianity, and was baptized by Stephen. He sold his property, gave it to the poor, studied further, and was ordained. He and Pope Stephen received a vision of an angel telling Mellon to evangelize the area of Rouen in modern France. First bishop of Rouen. Healer and miracle worker.


  • near Cardiff, Wales
  • the district is now called Saint Mellon’s




Mellonin take this staff, under the which thou shalt rule and govern the city of Rouen, for all the people there is of God, and all ready to thy service and commandment, and, notwithstanding that it is far from hence, and that the way is to thee right grievable, because thou knowest not the country, nevertheless thou oughtest not to doubt no thing, for Jesu Christ shall ever keep thee under the shadow of his wings. – an unnamed angel to Saint Mellon, as described in The Golden Legend

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