Saint Mel of Ardagh

Also known as

  • Mael
  • Melchno
  • Melis



Son of Conis and Saint Darerca, one of their nineteen children. Brother of Saint Melchu. Nephew of Saint Patrick. Travelled with Patrick and helped evangelize Ireland. Ordained bishop of Ardagh, Ireland by Patrick. Reputed to have professed Saint Brigid of Ireland as a nun. He supported himself by working with his hands, and gave to the poor anything beyond the bare minimum.

Because Mel lived with his aunt, Lupait, and helped on her farm, slanderous gossip developed about their relationship. Patrick came to investigate. To prove that God was on their side, Mel and Lupait each prayed for help and then performed a miracle – Mel plowed up a live fish from the farm land, and Lupait packed around a live coal without being burned.


  • British Isles


  • c.489 of natural causes



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