Saint Maximilian of Celeia

illustration of the martyrdom of Saint Maximilian; from 'Bavaria Sancta', 1861, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Maximilian of Celje
  • Maximilian of Cilli
  • Maximilian of Lorch



Born to the nobility, the only child of rich and pious parents. After the death of his parents, Maximilian freed the family slaves and gave away his fortune to the poor. Pilgim to Rome, Italy. Sent as a missionary to Noricum and Pannonia by Pope Saint Sixtus II. First bishop of Lorch, Norucum. After 20 years of work as a missionary bishop, he returned to Celeia where he became a noted preacher. Ordered by secular authorities to prove his loyalty by sacrificing to idols; Maximilian refused. Martyred by order of governor Eulasius.



Name Meaning

  • the greatest (latin)




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