Saint Maughold

Also known as

  • Apostle of the Isle of Man
  • Macaille
  • Macaldus
  • Macallius
  • Macc Cuill
  • Maccaldus
  • Maccul
  • Machalus
  • Machaoi
  • Machella
  • Macull
  • Maghor
  • Maguil
  • Mawgan
  • Morgan
  • Mauchold



Prince, pirate and thief. Converted to Christianity by Saint Patrick. To avoid temptation, he set sail from Ireland in a wicker boat, letting God set his course. He landed on the Isle of Man where he served as missionary bishop. Some versions say that Patrick ordained him, and assigned him to the Isle of Man as penance for his earlier life. Many geographic features on the Isle still bear his name. Legend says he divided the island into parishes, but it is unlikely.




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