Saint Mary Salome

Saint Mary SalomeAlso known as

  • Salome the Myrophore
  • Irene (Greek equivalent to Salome)



Wife of Zebedee. Mother of Saint John the Apostle, and Saint James the Greater. May have been a cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary. One of the “three Marys,” the holy women who ministered to Jesus during his earthly ministry, and may have accompanied him on his travels. Witnessed Christ’s death on the cross, his entombment, and his resurrection. Mark mentions Salome as one of the women who came to anoint the body of Jesus on the morning of the Resurrection.

One Gospel story that shows Jesus and Salome has her asking Jesus what places her sons will have in His Kingdom. Jesus responds that it is the Father who assigns places in the Kingdom and that James and John will have to follow His own example of humility and sacrifice to earn places there.

Legend says that after the Resurrection she went to Veroli, Italy and spent the rest of her life there spreading the Good News.



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