Saint Marcus Chong Ui-Bae

detail of an antique Italian holy card by Bertoni, date unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Jeong Eui-Bae
  • Mareuko



Raised in a pagan family, he became a teacher. He married but was a widower with no children. He became interested in Christianity when he saw the calm with which two priests met their martyrdom. He began studying, read himself into the faith, and converted. He served as a catechist; among others, he helped bring Saint Alexius U Se-Yong to the faith; and spent his free time caring for orphans and visiting the sick. During one of the periodic persecutions of Christians, he was given a chance to leave the country, but stayed to help those who could not leave. He was seized, insulted, abused and beaten by his neighbors and his own family members for his faith, then turned over to government officials for execution. Martyr.






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