Saint Marculf

Saint MarculfAlso known as

  • Marcellus
  • Marcolfo
  • Marcoul
  • Marcou
  • Marculfus
  • Marcouf
  • Marculphe
  • Markulf
  • Marcoen
  • Marculphus
  • Marculfo
  • Marcoult



Born to the nobility. Priest. Successful missionary to the pagans of Gaul, but his heart was not in public life. Hermit. Founded a monastery at Nanteuil, France, and served as its first abbot. After touching his relics, French kings were reported to be able to cure scrofula, a disease known for centuries as The King’s Evil.






As he was making his second journey to the court to obtain the confirmation of the donations made to his monasteries, he rested on the banks of the Vise. A hare, pressed hard by the hounds, took refuge under his habit, but the hunters compelling the Saint to let it go, the poor animal ran away, while the horses and hounds remained immovable. – from “The Little Bollandists” by Monsignor Paul Guérin, 1882

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