Saint Marcellus the Righteous

Also known as

  • Marcellus Akimetes
  • Marcellus the Sleepless
  • Marcellus l’Acemeta
  • Marcello…



Marcellus inherited a large fortune in his youth. Studied at Antioch and Ephesus. Monk and abbot of the Eirenaion monastery at Constantinople. The monks of these houses were called Akiometoi (= sleepless) because they organized in groups that rotated singing in chapel so they were singing God‘s praises 24 hours a day. Under Marcellus, his became the most influential of such houses. In 465 Constantinople was threatened by destruction by fire; Marcellus’s prayers are credited with saving the city. In 488 he attended a synod called by Saint Flavian. Participated in the Council of Chalcedon.




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