Saint Marcellinus of Carthage

Also known as

  • Marcelino
  • Marcellino



Married Christian layman and father; tribune and notary in imperial Roman North Africa. Friend of Saint Augustine of Hippo, whom he often contacted for clarification of doctrine and theology, and Saint Jerome. In 411 he chaired the council that tried to bring peace to feuding Catholics and Donatists (286 Catholic and 279 Donatist bishops attended); Saint Augustine attended and supported orthodox Christianity. Marcellinus, representing the emperor and empire, ruled in favor of the Catholics. The Donatist heretics refused to accept his ruling, and in retaliation a group of them declared that Marcellinus supported Heraclianus, a usurper of the the throne of emperor Honorius; Marcellinus and his brother Agrarian, a judge were executed for treason by order of Count Marino; a year later, Honorius admitted the mistake and posthumously cleared him from the false charges. Saint Augustine dedicated The City of God to Marcellinus. Considered a martyr as his death was the direct result of defending orthodox Christianity.



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