Saint Marcellin-Joseph-Benoît Champagnat

Saint Marcellin Joseph Benoit ChampagnatMemorial


Entered the seminary at age 16. Student with Saint John Marie Vianney. Ordained in 1816. Founded the Little Brothers of Mary (Marists) in 1817 mainly involving boys in their late teens with a great devotion of Our Lady who wanted to teach and help bring the Word to other young men. Today there are about 5,000 Marist Brothers in 72 countries; their slogan A Heart Without Borders.







To educate the children well, we must love them, and love them all equally. Saint Marcelino

To educate a child….is to make him a good Christian and a good citizen. Saint Marcelino

If it were only a question of teaching human knowledge to the children, there would be no need for Brothers, since lay teachers can do this work. If we are to give only religious instruction, we would be content to be simply catechists, and to bring the children together for only one hour a day. But we want to do more than this – we want to educate the children, that is, to give them an integrated education… To do this, we must be educators, we must live with the children, and they must spend a lot of time with us. Saint Marcelino

I can never see a child….without wanting to tell him how much Jesus Christ loves him. Saint Marcelino

To make Jesus Christ known and loved – this is the whole aim of your vocation and the objective of the Institute. Saint Marcelino

A Brother is a mirror of the Gospel. Saint Marcelino

All the dioceses of the work come within the scope of our work. Saint Marcelino

All to Jesus through Mary, all to Mary for Jesus. Saint Marcelino

Saint Marcelino announced the Gospel with an ardent heart. He was sensitive to the spiritual and educational needs of his time, especially the prevailing religious ignorance, and the abandonment which youth were experiencing….he was a model for all parents and educators to help them look upon youth with hope, to encourage them with total love, which will make a true human, moral and spiritual formation possible. Pope John Paul II

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