Saint Mamertus of Vienne

illustration of Saint Mammertus, Archbishop from Pictorial Lives of the SaintsAlso known as

  • Mamertius
  • Mammertus



Well-educated, and probably born to the Gallic nobility. May have been married at one point. Archbishop of Vienne, France in 461. Known for his secular and theological learning, and for bringing back the faith to an indifferent region. Involved in a dispute with Pope Saint Hilarius in 463 about the privileges of the diocese of Arles, France. Brought back the tradition of rogation processions which soon gained papal approval and were used throughout Europe. Built a church in honor of Saint Ferreolus whose relics were discovered in his diocese. A miracle worker, he is reported to have ended an urban disaster – through prayer he stopped a fire that was destroying the city of Vienne one Easter night.




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