Saint Magnericus of Trier

Also known as

  • Magnerich
  • Magnerico
  • Magnerik
  • Meinrich



Grew up in the Trier, Germany residence of bishop Nicetius. Ordained by Nicetius. Accompanied the bishop into exile when Nicetius was banished by King Clotaire I as revenge for the king being excommunicated. Magnericus returned to Trier the next year. Bishop of Trier in 566. Ordained Saint Gaugericus. Gave sanctuary to bishop Theodore of Marseilles when he was exiled by Guntramnus of Burgundy in 585; spoke to King Childebert II on behalf of the bishop. Had a great devotion to Saint Martin of Tours, and built several monasteries and churches dedicated to him. Friend of Saint Gregory of Tours.




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