Saint Maelrubius of Applecross

Also known as

  • Errew
  • Maelrubba
  • Maelrubha
  • Malrubius
  • Maolrubha
  • Ma-Rui
  • Molroy
  • Sagart-Ruadh



Son of Elganach and Subtan; related to King Niall of Ireland and Saint Comgall the Great. Monk at Saint Comgall‘s monastery at Bangor, Ireland. Monk of Iona Abbey. Founded several churches in Scotland and finally settled in Applecross, Scotland where he built a church and monastery in the middle of the land of the Picts. Abbot. Missionary to Skye, Lewis, Forres, Keith, Loch Shinn, Durness and Farr. Killed by Danish vikings for trying to preach to them. Martyr. At least 21 Scottish churches are dedicated to him.




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