Saint Macarius the Wonder Worker

Also known as

  • Christopher
  • Macarius of Constantinople



Monk at the monastery at Pelekete, taking the name Macarius. Abbot. Miracle worker. Ordained by Patriarch Tarasius of Constantinople. Imprisoned and tortured for his opposition to Emperor Leo’s orders of iconoclasm. Released by Emperor Michael the Stammerer, then exiled for his continued support of icons.



  • 18 August 850 on the island of Aphusia, Bithynia of natural causes


Additional Information


To you, O Master, who loves all mankind
I hasten on rising from sleep.
By your mercy I go out to do your work
and I make my prayer to you.
Help me at all times and in all things.
Deliver me from every evil thing of this world
and from pursuit by the devil.
Save me and bring me to your eternal kingdom,
For you are my Creator,
You inspire all good thoughts in me.
In you is all my hope and to you I give glory,
now and forever.
Saint Macarius

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