Saint Macarius of Egypt

woodcut of Saint Macarius of Egypt, image courtesy of the Digital Image Archive, Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology, Emory UniversityAlso known as

  • Macarius the Elder
  • Macarius the Great
  • Macarius the Thébaïde
  • Makarios the…



Shepherd in the desert region of Skete. Falsley accused of assaulting a woman, but was acquitted. Hermit. Spiritual student of Saint Anthony the Abbot. Founder of a monastic community in Skete. Ordained at age 40. His sanctity drew followers, and his desert community numbered thousands at his death. Fought Arianism, and was exiled for it. Several Libyan desert monasteries still bear the name Macarius.



  • 390 of natural causes



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Lord, be merciful now that my life is approaching its end, and the evening awaits me. There is not enough time for me to cleanse myself of my sins, for they are so many. Heal me while I am still on earth, and I shall be truly healthy. In your mercy, move me to repent so that I shall not be ashamed when I meet you in heaven. Saint Macarius of Egypt

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