Saint Lupus of Sens

detail of a painting of Clotaire II imploring the pardon of Saint-Loup; by Charles-Nicolas Lambinet, c.1775; priory of Saint-Loup-de-Naud, France; photographed on 1 May 2011 by GO69; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Leu
  • Loup
  • Lowe
  • Lupo
  • Wolf



Born to the Burgundian nobility, he was early noted to have a love to Christ and the Church. Nephew of Saint Austremius of Orleans, and Saint Aunarius of Auxerre who both saw to his education. Noted for his love of music and his generosity to the poor. Monk at Lérins. Priest. Archbishop of Sens, Burgundy (in modern France) in 609.

When Lupus hesitated to acknowledge Clotaire II as the rightful ruler of Burgundy, and insisted that the will of God trumps the will of rulers, Clotaire used the excuse of slander about Lupo and a woman to exile him to Ansenne, a predominently pagan area. Lupus evangelized the people of the area, converting many, including the region’s governor. When Lupus’ replacement in Burgundy, the politically ambitious monk Monegisil, was killed during a riot, the people demanded the return of their rightful bishop. Clotaire recalled Lupus, and punished those who had spoken against him.

Legend says that once when celebrating Mass, a jewel descended from heaven into the elevated chalice.





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