Saint Luke Casali

detail from an antique holy card of Saint Luke CasaliAlso known as

  • Luke Casalius
  • Luca Casali
  • Luca of Nicosia



Educated by the abbot of the monastery of Saint Philip at Agira, Sicily, Italy. Monk at Agira. Priest. Reluctant abbot of his house.

Lucas eventually, for unknown reasons, went blind. One day while they were travelling to Nicosia, one his monks tried to play a trick on the blind abbot by telling him that some towns-people were following them in hope of hearing him preach. Lucas stopped, turned to where he was told the people were standing, and began to preach to the empty field. When he finished, the stones along the road all shouted “Amen”, confounding the practical joker. A church dedicated to Lucas was later built on the spot.





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