Blessed Luke Belludi

forensic reconstruction of the face of Blessed Luke BelludiAlso known as

  • Lucas Belludi
  • Lukas Belludi



Born to the Italian nobility. Brought into the Franciscans by Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Francis of Assisi. Anthony‘s companion in his travels and preaching, tending to him in his last days and taking Anthony‘s place upon his death. Guardian of the Friars Minor in the city of Padua.

In 1239 Padua fell, nobles were executed, the mayor and council banished, the university of Padua closed, and the church dedicated to Saint Anthony left unfinished. Luke was expelled, but secretly returned, visiting the tomb of Saint Anthony to pray for help. One night a voice from the tomb assured him that the city would soon be delivered; it was.

Luke was elected provincial minister, and furthered the completion of the great basilica in honor of Anthony. Founded convents. Miracle worker.



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