Saint Lucius



Second century king or chieftain in the British Isles. Wrote to Pope Saint Eleuterus c.180 to ask for missionaries. Bede says that evangelists were sent, and had great success in the south and west of Britain and Wales. Helped found the dioceses of London, England, and Llandaff, Wales. Lucius later became a missionary himself, taking the message to the Grissons in what is modern Switzerland.

Many modern scholars regard Lucius as inadvertent pious fiction. We know that King Lucius of Edessa wrote to Pope Eleuterus to ask for missionaries to the Britium region near Mesopotamia. Combined with the lack of popular devotion to Lucius in Britain, and no mention in writings before the 6th century leads to the belief that some old hand-written documents were misread, and were seen as an explanation for some early missionary efforts in England and Wales.


  • c.200 of natural events




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