Saint Louis de Montfort, His Life and Work – The Teaching of Father de Montfort

cover of the ebook 'Saint Louis de Montfort: His Life and Work', by Georges RigaultHis hymns were intended to fix in the memory of his listeners what he thought necessary for their salvation, the quintessence of Christianity, the first principles of sanctity. But his prose writings take us further. They contain all his eloquence and learning. He has left them to the generations who were to succeed him as a legacy of inexhaustible wealth, often prophetic in tone. Three words cover the gist of his teaching: Wisdom, the Cross, the Virgin: words which belong to each other – no Wisdom outside the Cross and without the aid of the Virgin.

And the possession of Wisdom makes of the crucified and voluntary martyr a happy soul under the sign of the Cross and in the “slavery” of Mary.