Saint Libaire the Great

detail of the painting 'Beheading of Saint Libaire' by J. de Senemont, c.1777; church of Sainte-Libaire, Rambervillers, Vosges, France; photographed on 6 May 2011 Ji-Elle; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Lievière



Born to an imperial Roman patrician family, the daughter of Baccius Lientrude and sister of Saint Amée, Saint Francule, Saint Gontrude, Saint Hoilde, Saint Lintrude, Saint Menne, Saint Ode, Saint Pusinne and Saint Suzanne. She worked for her family as a shepherdess, spending her time with the flocks spinning, praying and singing hymns. While travelling, emperor Julian the Apostate found her in the field and tried to get her to renounce Christianity by showing her a golden statue of Apollo; she struck it with her distaff and the statue fell apart. Martyr. Legend says that a healing spring sprang from the place of her murder, and that her body picked up the severed head and carried it back to town where she combed out the hair to make it more presentable before burial.





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