Saint Lebuin of Deventer

Saint Lebuin of DeventerAlso known as

  • Apostle of the Frisians
  • Leafwine
  • Lebuinus
  • Lebwin
  • Liafwin
  • Liafwine
  • Livinius
  • Livino



Educated in a monastery. Benedictine monk at Ripon, England. Priest. Missionary to the Netherlands, following in the path of Saint Boniface, beginning in Utrecht. He worked with Saint Marchelm and Saint Gregory of Utrecht. Preached in the districts along the Yssel River. Established the first church in Deventer, Netherlands and used it as a base for missionary work to the Saxons and Frisians.

His success caused great hostility among the non-converted pagans who burned his church and spread the rumour that his success was due to witchcraft. Lebuin took his message to the Saxon national assembly, preaching the Gospel during a sacrifice to one of the pagan gods, and prophesying the destruction of their nation if they did not convert. Many of the representatives wanted to kill him, but one spoke up to say that the assembly should treat him as an ambassador from God, and give him the same diplomatic protection. The Saxons agreed, and agreed to respect the rights of Christianity.






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