Saint Laverius

statue of Saint Laverio, cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore in Teggiano, Italy, date and artist unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Laberio
  • Laverio
  • Lavierio
  • Laviero



Son of Achille, Laverius was raised in a pagan family. Served as a soldier in the imperial Roman army. A convert to Christianity, he began preaching in the streets of Teggiano, Italy. By order of the prefect Agrippa, Laverius was arrested, tortured, put on display for public abuse and ridicule, and ordered to make sacrifice to pagan gods; he refused. He was then thrown to wild animals in the amphitheatre, but instead of attacking him, they knelt in front of him. Laverius was thrown back into this cell, but an angel freed him during the night and ordered him to travel to Grumentum (modern Grumento Nova, Italy). He arrived on 15 August 312 and began immediately to preach and to baptize converts. Agrippa sent soldiers after him. Laverius was captured, flogged, and when he would not stop preaching Christ even while being beaten, he was executed. Martyr.





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