Saint Koupaïa

Saint KoupaïaAlso known as

  • Aspasia
  • Aspasie
  • Coupaïa
  • Koupaia
  • Pompaïa
  • Pompée
  • Pompey


  • 2 January
  • 26 July on some calendars
  • last Sunday in July (Tréguier, Saint Pompée, Langoat, diocese of Saint-Brieuc, France)


Born a princess, the daughter of King Eusebius and Saint Landouenne, and learned her faith at her mother‘s knee. She immigrated from the British Isles to Brittany in France c.500 to marry King Hoel I, and become queen of Armorique in Brittany. The couple and their court were forced into exile in England in 509 by invading Frisians; King Hoel re-captured his kingdom in 513. Mother of seven children including Saint Tugdual, Saint Sève, Saint Lunaire, and King Hoël II of Brittany. Queen Koupaïa and her son Tugdual and daughter Sève returned to Amorica in 545 after the death of King Hoel. Tugdual founded the monastery of Tréguier, and Koupaïa spent her remaining days nearby, living as a prayerful hermitess; the church of Langoat, France was built on the site of her home.




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