Saint Juvenal of Narni

painting of Saint Juvenile of Narni, from the San Giovenale Triptych, 1422, by Masaccio, museum at the church of Cascia di Regello, San Pietro di Cascia, ItalyAlso known as

  • Giovenale
  • Juvenalis



Ordained by Pope Saint Damasus I. First bishop of Narni, Italy in 368. Legend says that he saved Narni from invasion by Ligurians and Sarmatians praying for a great thunderstorm so great that the invaders fled in fear. Another story says that there was an attempt on his life by trying to strike him in the head with a sword; Juvenal caught the blade in his teeth and the would-be killer gave up.


  • c.373
  • may have been a martyr, but records are unclear




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