Saint Justus of Lyon

detail of a painting of Saint Justus of Lyon putting aside the trappings of his episcopate; 19th century, attributed to Jean-Louis Lacuria; church of Saint-Just, Lyon, France; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Just
  • Justo
  • Giusto



Deacon at Vienne, France. Priest. Bishop of Lyon, France c.350. He presided over the Council of Aquileia in 381, strongly opposed the heresy of Arianism, and became a friend of Saint Ambrose of Milan.

When a violently insane criminal sought sanctuary in the cathedral of Lyon after attacking people in the street, the man was seized and killed by an avenging mob who ignored the sanctity of the church and the tradition of sanctuary. Justus was so disillusioned with the people, and what he considered his failure to bring them the real faith, that he left his see. He and Saint Viator of Lyon spent the rest of their days as prayerful hermits in the desert near Alexandria, Egypt.




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