Saint Julitta of Iconium

image of Saints Quricus and Juliet from a detail of a 17th century Russian icon depicting their livesAlso known as

  • Juliot



Mother of Saint Cyriacus of Iconium. Widow. Moved from Iconium to Isauria to avoid persecution as a Christian. Tortured and martyred during the persecutions of Diocletian. Legend says that from the site of her burial there erupted a miraculous spring of water that cured the sick and improved the health of those who immersed in it.

Some scholars claim that the entire story is fiction, and there is no question that earlier writers hugely embellished this popular and frequently retold story.


  • c.304
  • sources describe several methods, all horridly painful




  • burned at the stake
  • holding a cross and palm
  • holding Saint Cyricus by the hand
  • martyred, with a fountain springing from her blood
  • standing near oxen

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