Saint Julian of Anazarbus

Saint Julian of TarsusAlso known as

  • Julian of Antioch
  • Julian of Tarsus
  • Julian of Cilicia
  • Giuliano….



Prominent citizen of senatorial rank. Arrested for his faith during the persecutions of Diocletian, he was tortured then put on display for abuse for a year in cities all over Cilicia, being led around behind a camel. Martyr. Praised by Saint John Chrysostom in a homily during the enshrinement of his relics.


  • Anazarbus, Cilicia (in modern Turkey)


  • sewn into a sack full of vipers and scorpions, and thrown into the sea to drown c.302
  • relics enshrined in Antioch




  • man being thrown into the sea in a sack
  • man in a coffin which is floating into shore and on which sits four angels
  • man bound on a camel being led through the streets
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