Saint Joseph the Hymnographer

detail of an icon of Saint Joseph the Hymnographer, author unknownAlso known as

  • Joseph of the Studium



Born to Christian parents. He fled Sicily in 830 due to Arab invasion, and became a monk in Thessalonica. He joined the monastery of the Studium in Constantinople, but was forced to flee Constantinople in 841 due to iconoclast persecution. On his way to Rome, Italy he was captured by pirates and spent several years as a slave in Crete. He ministered to his fellow slaves, converting many. He finally managed to escape and return to Constantinople where he founded a monastery. When he opposed the Iconoclast emperor Theophilus, Joseph was exiled to the Chersonese. Bishop of Salonica. One of the great liturgical poets and hymnists of the Byzantine Church, credited with approximately 1,000 works.



  • 886 of natural causes
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