Saint Joseph of Volokolamsk

Also known as

  • Ivan Sanin
  • Joseph of Volotsk
  • Joseph Sanin
  • Svyatoy Iosef Volokolamsky



Monk. Abbot at the monastery of Borovsk, Russia in 1477, but his strict discipline did not sit well with his brothers. Founded the monastery at Volokolamsk, Russia in 1479, and served as its abbot. Reformer in his houses, stressing discipline, fasting, obedience, devotion to the liturgy, learning, and works of charity; his vision of a monastery included support of social services to local laity. Met Saint Nilus of Sora at a Council at Moscow, Russia in 1503 to discuss the church reforms each had put forth; Joseph’s ideas won out, and helped changed the direction of the Church activities in his land.




Additional Information


Know this, brethren: do not creep out of the church before the dismissal prayer, for he who exits from the divine chant or converses or whispers has been seduced by demons, as the Divine Scriptures bear witness. – Saint Joseph

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