Saint Joseph Mukasa

image of a holy card of the Martyrs of Uganda, based on a painting by Albert Wider, 1962; Generalate of the Missionaries of Africa, Rome, ItalyAlso known as

  • Josef Mukasa
  • Joseph Balikuddembe
  • Joseph Mkasa Balikuddembe
  • Joseph Mkasa
  • Yosefu Mkasa
  • Yosefu Mukasa Balikuddembe



Kayozi clan. Major-domo to King Mwanga of Uganda, and captain of the king‘s pages. Convert, joining on 15 November 1885. Rebuked the 18 year old king for his dissolute lifestyle, his drinking, his advances to the male court pages, and the martyrdom of Anglican missionary bishop James Hannington. Not the first Christian killed in Uganda, but the first Catholic martyr in the country. One of the Martyrs of Uganda who died in the Mwangan persecutions.






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