Saint Joseph Marello

detail of a portrait of Saint Joseph Marello, artist unknown; image swiped from the Vatican web siteAlso known as

  • Giuseppe Marello



Son of Vincenzo and Anna Maria Marello. His mother died when Joseph was very young, and the family moved from Turin to Santi Martino Alfieri. Entered the seminary at age 12. Contracted typhus at age 19; promised Our Lady that if he survived, he would continue his studies to be ordained. He recovered, attributed the cure to Our Lady of Consolation, and was ordained on 19 September 1868.

Secretary to Bishop Carlo Savio at Asti, Italy for 13 years. Attended the First Vatican Council with Bishop Savio in 1869 and 1870. Took over an Asti retirement home to save it from bankruptcy. Spiritual director and catechist in his diocese. Founder of the Oblates of Saint Joseph in 1878, a congregation dedicated to caring for the poor, educating the young, and assisting bishops in any capacity required.

Bishop of Acqui, Italy on 17 February 1889. Visited all the parishes in his diocese, and wrote six pastoral letters to his flock. Died while participating in a celebration of the 3rd centennial of Saint Philip Neri.







O Glorious Saint Joseph, after the Blessed Virgin, you were the first to hold in your arms the Redeemer. May you teach us; may you assist us, may you make us worthy members of the Holy Family. – Saint Joseph Marello


He was a gem among bishops. Pope Leo XIII

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