Saint Jósef Bilczewski

Saint Jósef BilczewskiAlso known as

  • Giuseppe Bilczewski
  • Joseph Bilczewski
  • Jozef Bilczewski
  • Yosyp Bil’chevs’kyi



Eldest of nine children in a peasant family. Seminarian at Krakow, Poland. Ordained on 6 July 1884. Doctor of theology at the University of Vienna, Austria in 1886. Studied dogmatic theology and Christian archaeology in Rome, Italy and Paris, France. Professor of theology at the University of Lviv in 1891. Archbishop of Leopoli, Ukraine on 17 December 1900. Often intervened with civil authorities on behalf of Poles, Ukrainians and Jews. Guided his flock during World War I (1914 to 1918), the Polish-Ukrainian War (19181919), the Bolshevik invasion (19191920), and the antiCatholic terror started by the Communists; from 19181921 his archdiocese lost about 120 priests. Fought to protect everyone in his see, regardless of race or religion.






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