Saint Josaphat

engraving of Saint Barlaam working to convert Saint Josaphat; the stone is emblematic of faith; 1680 by Russian artist, name unknown; swiped off Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Ioasaph
  • Iasaph
  • Joasaph
  • Yudasaf



With Saint Barlaam, one of the protagonists in a Christianized retelling of the story of Siddhartha Buddha that was popular in the Middle Ages.

Many people in India were converted by Thomas the Apostle. Astrologers foretold that the son of King Abenner would one day become a Christian. To prevent this, Abenner began persecuting the Church, and had his son placed under house arrest. In spite of these precautions, Barlaam, a hermit of Senaar, met him, and converted him to the Faith. Abenner tried to pervert Josaphat, but failed, and shared the government with him. Abenner himself later became a Christian, abdicated the throne, and became a hermit. Josaphat governed for a time, then abdicated, too. He travelled to the desert, found Barlaam, and spent his remaining years as a holy hermit. Years after their deaths, the bodies Josaphat and Barlaam were brought to India; their joint grave became renowned by miracles.



  • with Saint Barlaam
  • praying in a cave

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