Saint Jonas of Hubaham

Pictorial Lives of the Saints image for Saint Jonas, Barachisius and Their Companions, MartyrsAlso known as

  • Jonah of Hubaham



Monk. Went with Saint Barachisius, his brother and fellow monk, to Hubaham, Persia, to minister to Chistians imprisoned for their faith during the reign of King Sapor II. They were arrested, beaten, tortured, and martyred for this service, and for refusing to worship the sun, moon, fire and water. Eyewitness descriptions of their trial and execution have survived to today.



  • martyred 24 December 327 by being beaten with clubs, a stake pushed into his abdomen, and left in a freezing pond; when he survived the night, his fingers and toes were cut off, and he was crushed to death in a wine press
  • his corpse was cut in two, thrown in a dry cistern, and guarded to keep other Christians from recovering relics


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