Saint John the Georgian

Also known as

  • John the Iberian
  • John the Hagiorite
  • John Iweron



Born to the 10th century Iberian nobility. Married layman, and outstanding military commander. Father of Saint Euthymius the Illuminator. With his wife‘s approval, he became a monk on Mount Olympus in Bithynia. Travelled to Constantinople to his son, who was being held hostage by the emperor. Euthymius then joined his father as a monk. Their holiness attracted would-be followers, so they retired to the monastery of Saint Athanasius on Mount Athos in Macedonia. With John’s brother-in-law, retired general John Thornikos, and Euthymius, John founded Iviron (Iweron) monastery on Mount Athos; Saint John served as its first abbot. The monastery is still in use, though now by Greek Orthodox monks.



  • c.1002 at Mount Athos
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