Saint John Plessington

detail of an illustration of Saint John Plessington, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • John Plesington
  • William Scarisbrick
  • William Pleasington



Son of Robert Plessington, a royalist Catholic, and Alice Rawstone. His family was persecuted for both their religious and political beliefs. John was educated by Jesuits at Scarisbrick Hall, then at the Royal College of Saint Alban at Valladolid, Spain, and then Saint Omer’s monastery in France. Ordained in Segovia, Spain on 25 March 1662. He returned to England in 1663 to minister to covert Catholics in the areas of Holywell and Cheshire, often hiding under the name William Scarisbrick. Tutor at Puddington Hall near Chester, England. Imprisoned for two months, and executed for the crime of priesthood. One of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.







But I know it will be said that a priest ordayned by authority derived from the See of Rome is, by the Law of the Nation, to die as a Traytor, but if that be so what must become of all the Clergymen of the Church of England, for the first Protestant Bishops had their Ordination from those of the Church of Rome, or not at all, as appears by their own writers so that Ordination comes derivatively from those now living. Saint John Plessington, from the gallows as he was about to be martyred

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