Saint John of Bridlington

detail of a painting of Saint John of Bridlington; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • John Thwing
  • John of Thwing
  • John Twenge
  • John Thwing of Bridlington



Studied at Oxford, England from age 17. Augustinian Canon Regular at age 19. Held several posts in Saint Mary’s abbey in Bridlington, England. Reluctant prior of Saint Mary’s for 17 years beginning in 1362. Highly recommended the study of the Gospel of Saint John as a source for information and inspiration on the Gospel life.

King Henry V’s victory at Agincourt was attributed to the aid of Saint John of Bridlington and Saint John of Beverly. Five sailors from Hartlepool were in danger of drowning, and called for the help of Saint John; the holy prior appeared to them at sea, wearing his habit. He led the men safely to shore.


  • 1319 at Thwing (near Bridlington), Yorkshire, England





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