Saint Jeroen of Noordwijk

illustration of Saint Jeroen of Noordwijk, artist unknown, c.1750; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Gerone
  • Hiero
  • Hieron
  • Iero
  • Ieron
  • Jero
  • Jeroen van Noordwijk
  • Jeron
  • Jéron Noordwijk



Born to the Scottish nobility, the son of a large land-owner. Known as a pious child who preferred to spend his time in church. Against the wishes of his parents, who wanted him to take over his father‘s estates, he became a monk in his teens. Priest. Missionary to the area of the modern Netherlands. Founded the first church in Noordwijk in 851. Martyred by raiding Vikings for refusing to worship their pagan gods.






  • priest with a falcon (his soul that soared to heaven) and sword (used in his murder)
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