Saint Jeanne of the Cross Delanoue

detail from an antique French holy card of Saint Jeanne of the Cross Delanoue, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Jeanne del Croi Delanoue
  • Johanna Delanoue
  • Ioanna Delanoue
  • Joan Delanoue



Youngest of twelve children. Her father was draper; her mother owned and operated a religious goods store. Her mother died in 1691, and Jeanne took over the business. Smart and hard-working, she made a success of the small business.

During the Pentecost season in 1698, Jeanne had two mystic experiences. The first was a vision, the second a series of pious commentaries by Frances Souchet, a widowed pilgrim from Rennes, France. The two events altered Jeanne’s outlook, took her eyes from her safe, bourgious world to a more spiritual level. She closed her shop, turned her mind from worldly comfort and success, and began to serve the poor, the sick, and the neglected.

Using funds raised from generous benefactors she’d met in business, she founded and furnished three orphanages. She attracted followers, and in 1704 a small group of them founded the Sisters of Saint Anne of Providence of Samur, and Jeanne became Jeanne of the Cross. Noted for her miraculous healing abilities, she and her companions founded orphanages and hospices throughout France.






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It is the Spirit of God which animates you and prompts you to this penitential life. Henceforth, then, be without fear and follow your inspirations. – Saint Louis de Montfort to Saint Jeanne

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