Saint Jacques Berthieu

Saint Jacques BerthieuAlso known as

  • Giacomo Berthieu
  • Jacob Berthieu
  • Martyr of Madagascar
  • Martyr of the Red Island



One of seven children in a pious farm family. Ordained on 21 May 1864. Parish priest in Roannes-Saint Mary, France. Feeling a call to religious life, he joined the Jesuits on 31 October 1873. Missionary to Madagascar in 1875. Superior of the mission in Ambositra in 1885, he expanded the stations and brought many converts to the faith. Forced to move several times due to political reasons as his connection to France brought him into conflict with assorted local officials. Martyr.



  • shot on 8 June 1896 in Ambiatibe, Antananarivo, Madagascar by Menalamba rebels for his work in replacing ancestor worship with Christianity
  • body dumped in the Mananara River




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