Saint Jacob of Nisibis

head reliquary of Saint Jacob of Nisibis; date and artist unknown; museum of the cathedral of Hildesheim, Germany; photographed on 7 December 2011 Bischöfliche Pressestelle Hildesheim; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Jacob of Nusaybin
  • Jacob of Nisiba
  • Jacob of Nisibia
  • James…



Monk. First bishop of Nisibis, Mesopotamia (modern Nusaybin, Turkey) from 309 until his death. Spiritual director of Saint Ephrem of Syria. Participated in the Council of Nicaea in 325. Noted for praying for the death of Arius, founder of the Arian heresy. Known for his learning, his piety, his construction of a basilica and theological school at Nisibis. Launched the first known search by Christians for the mountain of Noah’s Ark. Many of the writings attributed to him through the years have recently been determined to have been authored by another Jacob.



  • c.338 at Nisibis, Mesopotamia (modern Nusaybin, Turkey) of natural causes
  • relics at Edessa, Mesopotamia (modern Sanliurfa, Turkey)


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