Saint Ivo of Huntingdonshire

Also known as

  • Ivo of Ramsey
  • Ive…
  • Ives…
  • Ivia…
  • Yves…
  • Yvo…



Bishop. Hermit at Huntingdonshire, England. The city of Saint Ives (formerly Slepe), Huntingdonshire (modern Cambridgeshire), England is named for him. His gravesite was lost for years, but in 1001 four bodies were uncovered in an unmarked grave; one bore a bishop‘s insignia. A local layman had a vision that this was the body of Ivo, and all four were translated to the Ramsey Abbey. A spring soon appeared near the site of their interment, its waters known for healing miracles. A later vision convinced the brothers at Ramsey to keep the relics with the bishop‘s seal, and return the bodies of the three companions to Slepe.


  • Huntingdonshire, England of natural causes



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